Illusion of Safety/Noisegate/Jai Young Kim show

WHO: Illusion of Safety/Noisegate/Jai Young Kim
WHEN: Thursday, June 1, 2000, 8 pm
WHERE: 379 40th St, Oakland, CA 94609

Illusion of Safety, Noisegate, and Jai Young Kim will be performing at 379 40th Street in Oakland, on Thursday, June 1st, at 8 pm. Please pass this URL on to anyone who might be interested in this show.

Since the early '80s, Chicago artist and experimental music luminary Illusion of Safety (Dan Burke) has been one of the leading figures in the American experimental music scene. He has recorded numerous CDs, toured internationally, and been a mentor to Jim O' Rourke. In 1998, Dan Burke went into semi-retirement to start his own pizza business in the Chicago suburbs, but has recently confirmed three rare west coast appearances with Oakland's Noisegate.

Illusion of Safety's eclectic brand of music ranges from found sounds through synthetic electronics punctuated at times by bursts of hardcore techno and deconstructed pop.

Noisegate has been a staple of the Bay Area experimental scene since the mid-'90s, constantly touring, performing, and recording for San Francisco-based Tumult Records. After their West Coast dates, Noisegate will continue to the east coast in support of their new CD, Suspended Animation.

Noisegate's unique form of drone/ambient has been described as "shimmering luminescent shards of low end flowing effortlessly through the glistening darkness while hazy tonal reverberations reflect microscopic textures, grey and austere," and as "breathtaking arrangements of hum and buzz, chime and soothe."

Jai Young Kim, a San Francisco musician/engineer/DJ, will open the evening at 8 pm with a solo set of psychedelic drones, techno beats, and post-punk performance art. He has performed, recorded, and toured with the Bay Area improvisational avant-rock bands Job and Species Being. He has also contributed to a wide range of local music projects, including Mariposas Negras, Kerauno, Kap, Wonkavator, Bible Launcher, Moe!kestra!, the Microbes, Bilge, and Flywheel. Jai Young also operates Feast or Famine, a small recording studio and DIY label, and is currently the Friday-night DJ at Polk Street's 11:11 Lounge.

For more information about this show, please contact or call (415) 522-1368.