JOB · K.

JOB - K.
(1) Cholic 4:22
(2) Dead Stop Traffic in the Middle of the Afternoon 3:42
(3) Exhuming the Hatchet
Flashlight, Dogs 3:54
(4) Waking to Philosophical Discourse
Novocaine 4:25

Noise improvised live to tape by Job.

Recorded at Feast or Famine Studio, San Francisco, CA, 1995-1996, except for (2), recorded at the Chameleon, SF, November, 1995.

First released in April, 1996.


Cover art by Timothy Doran.

JOB: Jai Young Kim, Matt Lebofsky, Mark Schifferli.

This cassette-only release is available directly from us for three (3) U.S. dollars, postage paid. Or less if you can talk us out of it.

675 Tennessee St Suite 2
San Francisco, CA 94107

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