Jai Young Kim

675 Tennessee St #2
San Francisco, CA 94107
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FastForward Networks - San Francisco, CA
April, 2000 - April 2002.
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center - Menlo Park, CA
SLAC Computing Services, Network Management & Engineering, September, 1997 - March, 2000. Configuration and management of Cisco routers and switches at a US Department of Energy high-energy physics lab (~1300 employees). Evaluation/design of virtual private networking system (VPN) for SLAC. Network troubleshooting on all layers. Installation of network hardware. Administration of remote access services. Knowledgeable about Ethernet (including Gigabit), TCP/IP, VLANs, Cisco HSRP, PPTP, IPSec, subnetting/VLSMs, DHCP server, TFTP server, ISDN, DSL, DNS, PPP, Radius, Cisco ACLs, SSH, network security, FDDI, AppleTalk. Platforms: Cisco IOS and Catalyst Supervisor, UNIX (Solaris, AIX, Linux), Windows NT Workstation and Server, Macintosh, VMS, Cisco LocalDirector. Applications: NetXRay, Visio, NetScout, CANDO/Oracle, Netperf.
Accelerator Operations group, Engineer-in-Charge, September, 1993 - September, 1997. Directed real-time operation of the accelerator in SLAC's Main Control Center to satisfy electron beam delivery programs.
Accelerator Systems Operator, September, 1990 - September, 1993. Performed control and monitoring of all accelerator systems required for beam operation.
Feast or Famine - San Francisco, CA
Founder and chief engineer of audio production studio and independent music recording label, June, 1994 - present. Multi-track analog/digital recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and distribution of numerous musical projects. Research, budget analysis, and upgrade of hardware & software-based professional audio systems. Web site maintenance.
M.I.T. / Harvard University - Middleton and Cambridge, MA
Bachelor's thesis work with MIT and Harvard nuclear & particle physics divisions, October, 1989 - July, 1990. Developed polarized helium-3 gas targets at Bates Linear Accelerator, measured asymmetries in quasielastic & elastic scatterings when polarized electrons bombard these targets. Results used in determining electric and magnetic form factors of the neutron.
Baylor College of Medicine - Houston, TX
Pharmacology research assistant, summers, 1988 - 1989. Studied fibrin-solubilizing properties of certain detergents in vitro, as well as toxic effects of certain drugs on colon cancer cells.
Rice University - Houston, TX
Welsh Fellowship research assistant in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, summer, 1987. Experiments in excimer laser lab and electronic design in semiconductor lab.
QuickStart Technologies - Santa Clara, CA
Technical training course in Windows NT 4.0 Techceleration (Workstation and Server), October, 1999.
GeoTrain - San Mateo, CA
Training courses in Introductory Cisco Router Configuration (ICRC, 1997), Cisco LAN Switch Configuration (CLSC, 1998), and Advanced Cisco Router Configuration (ACRC, 1999).
U.S. Particle Accelerator School - various campuses
Graduate coursework in methods/theories of beam experiments, University of California at Berkeley, 1997, and accelerator physics, Stanford University, 1992.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA
B.S. in Physics, June, 1990. Also completed premedical curriculum. Gained theoretical foundation in quantum & statistical physics, relativity, elementary particles, cosmology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. Lab training with optics, x-rays, NMR, inorganic & organic chemistry, bacterial genetics, blotting techniques, and DNA restriction mapping. Minored in music.
Transport and Management of High Volumes of Data through Bounded LAN and WAN Infrastructure at SLAC (S. Luitz, D. Millsom, D. Salomoni, J. Kim, A. Zele) - International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP 2000), February, 2000.
SLAC's Experience with Web Server Load Balancing Using Cisco LocalDirector (B. White, J. Kim) - InterLab 99, November, 1999.
U.S. citizen, born in Seoul, South Korea, September 21, 1968. Raised in Houston, Texas.
Hobbies: Creating/performing/recording music with various bands/projects, witnessing live music shows, listening to recorded music, DJ-ing, travel, eating and cooking vegetarian food.
College: Played keyboards with and composed for Boston-based rock band, played violin in the MIT Symphony, associate news editor and reporter for The Tech newspaper, volunteer work with INFACT (nationwide campaign to boycott General Electric), dormitory entry chairman.
High School: National Honor Society vice president, Student Government treasurer, newspaper news editor and sports editor, orchestra president. Won numerous awards at local/regional math tournaments. Graduated highest honors, class of 500+.

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